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Welcome to my digital portfolio. Here, I share all my learnings, observations and services as a developer. I am a software engineer and the publisher of the Conway's Newsletter. If you are interested in signing up, you can subcribe here or just keep on reading my blog.

Remote Onboarding as a Software Engineer

May 19, 20214 min read
Remote onboarding of software engineers is not only a challenge for companies but also for us as software engineers. Starting a job without actually being in the office comes with certain challenges. While remote onboarding certainly is difficult, there are some practical tips that you can follow to make your personal onboarding a success.

Learnings From Three Years Into Software Development Without A Degree

February 23, 20217 min read
After more than three years into my first job as a software developer without a degree, I put my learnings into some actionable advise for anyone who is considering going this path, especially for people working in Germany.

API Usability Testing in 8 Simple Steps

February 5, 20214 min read
If you are building an API product, developer experience should be at the top of your mind. Testing your APIs for usability is crucial to offer your customers the best experience possible. While there are many people who offer usability tests for user-facing products, API usability testing is a bit more tricky, since your customers are developers.

Exposing microservices with an API gateway and the API composition pattern

July 17, 20205 min read
Overview of how an API gateway and the API composition pattern can help you make your microservices architecture more accessible.

Data Structures in Go - Arrays & Slices

March 18, 20205 min read
An introduction into the abstract data types arrays and lists and how they are implemented in Go.