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Hey there, I'm Ben 👋

Welcome to my digital portfolio. Here, I share all my learnings, observations and services as a developer. I am a software engineer and the publisher of the Conway's Newsletter. If you are interested in signing up, you can subcribe here or just keep on reading my blog.

About Me 👀

I'm a self-taught software developer, currently working in the German FinTech industry. Even though, my job title is software developer and I love programming, I rather consider myself as a problem solver and builder. In my day job, I specialize in building scalable backend services for modern cloud architectures. Therefore, I write my software in Go and Java and I use tools like Docker and Kubernetes for deployment.
I'm working towards becoming a full stack developer by building different smaller projects, such as this blog, in my spare time with modern frontend technologies, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

When I'm not programming, I like to read, play tennis, go for a run, have a beer with my friends, discussing everything from indie hacking to politics, or spend time with my beautiful girlfriend and my two sweet kittens. 🐈 🐈